July 2, 2009

More than meets the Eye

The number one movie in America? Heck yeah! Today while viewing this ultimately greatly superbly produced movie, I noticed that all the elements that make a movie great were present. Now i'm not an action type of girl, but this movie redefined action and made it more tasteful! I loved the graphics that made it blend in to the real world so fluently, Kudos to those graphic creators! The mix of action, romance and comedy kept every single head in theater 5 staring intently to find out what was bound to happen next. I definately have to give a shout out to the comical parents of the protaggonists, especially his "reffered up" mom (lol). Hope I'm not giving too much away, but they main point is this is a Must See, if you haven't already. Oh yea, the most important part of the experience of watching that movie is that i got to use my student Discount!! Wooh go college! (lol)

'Let's roll!'

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