January 30, 2009

Say What?

The Super Bowl coming up this Sunday, it is not only known for the sports but it's advertisement endeavors. Why you ask??... Well Duh product promoters know that it is the only day that fans of all different sports, nails, clothes, and whatever gather around to watch the big event.(ie. myself, who doesn't even know what goes on while i watch it lol). But anyways, because of so many views, there are commercials on T.V that captures the viewers attention and draw them in to buy their products. Some of you by now may be scratching your head asking "Where is she going with this?", well I'll tell you...
Did you know that 30 seconds of air time cost around 3 million US buckaruees!??? Why 3 mill? Because all of you "fake fans" choose to watch this big event on this one specified day! Don't worry I'm fake too when it comes to this... but yea.... What makes it funny is that some Organizations are so desperate to save money that they have one second ads.. I doubt they would air these ads over National TV but if you look it up on youtube, im sure you'll find it. Hopefully when you view it, you can figure out what they are advertising! lol

-"Until we meet again"

Rapopera?..... Not Quite

I really miss, music like this... it really does tell a story if you listen hard enough, and read between the lyrics.

-"In all things, be true to yourself"

When The Money Goes

It's true we're in a recession. But do many of you guys know why we're currently in recession?  Well the reason why we're in a recession is because people are not buying things.  This is why you see major companies shutting down and closing their doors forever (R.I.P. Circut City), people get laid off from their jobs, and it seems as if we're in despair.  Money is not being circulated throughout the country, hence our dollar is weaker because it does not hold the same value that it once did when people used to spend like it was going out of style.  Now I'm going to sit and rant to you about our economy because, let's face it, IT'S DEPRESSING!!!! (to say the least)  You can be smart with your coins and still not be cheap.  

p.s.  If you're old enough for this due to recieve one of those shiny new stimulus checks (which I doubt because I don't think our fanbase is that diverse yet), don't take it and make the rich become richer i.e. pay bills.

Just a thought for today


I'm Not Scared

I know a couple people who will be happy to see this one


January 28, 2009

Light 'Em Up

I'm a sucker for the unusual (most of the time), and these are just that.  Alife created their own brand of lighters.  Now I don't know what I would use this for, but I want one (in blue please).  I don't know how much regular lighters cost but you can grab a few stacks of pennies and pick these up for $5 over at alifenyc along with many other great urban items.  

-"No matter where you go put ya lighters up"


January 27, 2009


-"I reside in many of artists"

Im BACKKKKK!! With a Twist

Although I have been gone for a minute due to Thomas' (My laptop) malfunctions, I am back finally! So whatever devilish scheme BKeem had planned for you guys are now going to be relinquished, lol. Sorry BKeem! Well Of course just like a retuning family favorite relative I am back with a special treat!!!! My ultimate favorite on-line store has a rushing into spring treat for me and i decided to share. Bon appetit! (CODE: JUSTBECAUSE) . The website is here.

-"If spring can take the snow away, Can it melt away all our mistakes?"

January 26, 2009

The Lonliest Number

Cia.E has been having technical difficulties today so I don't think she will be posting today. Yea, I know, all of you who are her fans must be crushed today, just as you were yesterday; but I promise that as soon as she fixes her business she will be posting again. Until then, you're stuck with me *rubs hands together in evil manner*. I mean...what could happen? *lets out devilish laugh*

-"You understand what I'm saying? I'm not playing"


January 25, 2009

You're a Mean One.... Mr. Grinch

A message from kwest on Vimeo.

Ye' why do you do this to us? I can't take you. You're just too much.


Flashing Lights

I love photography and all the artistic possibilities it has.  One day I'm going to be able to afford a camera like this.  This is the Nikon D700.  It has 12.1 megapixels, 3-inch display, 51 point autofocus, scene recognition, four-speed active dust reduction, ISO up to 6400, 5  or 8 fps full resolution shooting, HDMI out, and I'm sure there's more where that came from.  

Translation: It takes really really nice pictures

It costs $3,000 for the base, and up to $2,000 for additional lenses.  I need to keep stacking my pennies if I'm to ever get something like this. I guess I'll have to stick with my Black on Black 14.7 megapixel Samsung TL34HD. (The picture is the silver and red one)

- "We hold these truths to be self-evident"


January 24, 2009

Who Cares about the Season....

The latest trends you can catch on the West Coast where the Sun always Shines or in the East where White is always the Color of the day, are SCARVES!! They come in some many different varieties such as plush, satin, and cloth. They make great accessories to enlighten that special outfit. They serve as two purposes too. Who doesn't want something that keeps them warm and can look good in it too!!?! While I was surfing the web for some of these "fashion musts" I stumbled upon this page with helpful instructions on how to make your scarf look good. 7 Ways to Wear a Scarf. Enjoy I know I did!

-"I feel such a connection, even when your far away"

January 23, 2009

Louis Vuitton Don

Kanye West recently released the product from his collaboration with Louis Vuitton.  The sneakers above are the second out of six to be released.  


-"Did You Realize You Were A Champion In Their Eyes"


No I Already Graduated


Today was the last day of Midterms at my high school and I must say it's a bittersweet feeling.  I basically only had two midterms, the rest were just a "for what?" My English exam was annerving because there were 3 short essays to write on top of other things, but I finished most of it in time. My AP Calculus exam was the absolute WORST, I swear I guessed by the number that I liked the most.  I mean, I tried but it just did not help.  I really need to pray that I guessed right and end up passing that thing.    


1.22.09 Marked the official last day for me to ever midterms EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER again in my high school career.  What can I say, tests are tests and there are no ways get past them.  So I tried my hardest on each exam.  The hardest part of exams were me overcoming my fall over a paper ball lol (I have no coordination).  They're over YAY!!!!

-"Memories Made In the Coldest Winter"

Splash Staff

Totally Speechless

What is this world coming to folks?


January 22, 2009

Are you in the Game?

This video is Lupe Fiasco's video "Put you on Game". I heard it in the summer and fell in love with it. It has so much meaning. I believe that he is the hate and tension built up in the world that produces different effects. What do you think the game is? Listen to the song and be in awe!

-"I play my enemies like a game of chess"


January 21, 2009

How Old Are You Now?

Adidas is not playing this year.  They are coming harder than ever with the release of these kicks and more as part of their Consortium Spring 2009 collection.  This year will mark the 60th anniversary for Adidas and these sneakers seem to be in somewhat of celebration colors.  In order to be fly this spring you need to have at least one pair from the collection, so stack ya pennies folks.  To see the rest of the collection you can catch it on HIGHSNOBIETY, SOLEBOX or PROPER.  

-"Believe me sweety I got enough to feed the needy"


Minty Surprise

SMOOCHES!! This lip gloss right here is the perfect lipbalm/gloss that holds your lips tight and Fr3shhhhhhhhhh for the Winter. It is called C.O Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint. The flavor i have is Bare Mint. It leaves an invisble tint for you girls or boys who are worried it may clash with your outfit. I consider myself a lucky one too because I purchased this during Black Friday so you know it was cheap. Usual the prices ranges between $3-$5. I got it for one dollar though.. Say it with me now BARGIN!!!. It also has a little fresh taste (and no i dont eat my lipgloss lol). It's good to leave that lasting effect on other lips also. ;)

-"Don't Stop Baby, Don't Stop Now"


What? .....Oh


Playing Catch-Up

Hey y'all. Since we just started blogging yesterday it's going to take a while before we seem original or "up and coming".  Our mission is just to bring a sense of ourselfs into a blog for the world to see and hopefully love.  Over the next few days (hopefully not weeks) you might see posts that you've seen elsewhere (from me at least, I can't speak for Cia.E)

-"Imma throw shade if I can't get paid"


January 20, 2009

Jan Movie Madness

Warning: Things that you will read about are just OPINIONS, feel free to comment your thoughts! :)
Of Course in the new year of 2009 movie producers try to get the Best movie features out with the best plots and etc. Well in my latest movie rush I chose to view these two films. For you clueless loves these two films are my Blood valentine and Notorious. As you will be seeing in the future I clearly am indecisive but this time I actually have something to say about these movie for sure and no they aren't fickle answers.
I went to a local Theater to see these films. I was quite alarmed at the prices i had to pay (darn economy), but it was worth it for B.I.G. I would claim Notorious to be a "Must see-er". It depicts Wallace's life so well and it was quite funny too. Now shame on me for saying this but i never knew much about Christopher Wallace's life but after viewing this, i felt as if i read his whole life story, which is the way the movie should have been put together. I got a few laughs and teary eyed and that's just how i love my movies. KUDOS to you producers.
Now for My Bloody Valentine...tsk tsk tsk. I could have sworn I paid to see a horror film...
Especially how I had to pay extra for those darn 3D glasses. Beggars cant be choosers huh? I definitely give it a thumbs down!!!! Matter of Fact 2 thumbs down. lol But what i am pleased about is the initial idea to but their viewers "in" the movie. The plot was okay, but I just hated how the cliché events happened in the horror movie. Example: Victims running while the killer walks and still catches up. I mean come on it is 2000 mother crappin 9. Get with the program. I laughed way too much in this movie though, i guess seeing ppl die in horror movies is hysterical in a sense...but anyway that is enough raving for me. Until next time

-Don't be so paranoid


Mr. President

Today we witnessed history as former President-elect Barack H. Obama was inagurated as the first president with a prominent trace of african-american blood.  We at SplashE would like to say that we are honored to start our blog on such a historic day.

p.s. - we peeped how Biden was President those 5 minutes.

Cia.E & BKeem

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