January 30, 2009

When The Money Goes

It's true we're in a recession. But do many of you guys know why we're currently in recession?  Well the reason why we're in a recession is because people are not buying things.  This is why you see major companies shutting down and closing their doors forever (R.I.P. Circut City), people get laid off from their jobs, and it seems as if we're in despair.  Money is not being circulated throughout the country, hence our dollar is weaker because it does not hold the same value that it once did when people used to spend like it was going out of style.  Now I'm going to sit and rant to you about our economy because, let's face it, IT'S DEPRESSING!!!! (to say the least)  You can be smart with your coins and still not be cheap.  

p.s.  If you're old enough for this due to recieve one of those shiny new stimulus checks (which I doubt because I don't think our fanbase is that diverse yet), don't take it and make the rich become richer i.e. pay bills.

Just a thought for today


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