January 20, 2009

Jan Movie Madness

Warning: Things that you will read about are just OPINIONS, feel free to comment your thoughts! :)
Of Course in the new year of 2009 movie producers try to get the Best movie features out with the best plots and etc. Well in my latest movie rush I chose to view these two films. For you clueless loves these two films are my Blood valentine and Notorious. As you will be seeing in the future I clearly am indecisive but this time I actually have something to say about these movie for sure and no they aren't fickle answers.
I went to a local Theater to see these films. I was quite alarmed at the prices i had to pay (darn economy), but it was worth it for B.I.G. I would claim Notorious to be a "Must see-er". It depicts Wallace's life so well and it was quite funny too. Now shame on me for saying this but i never knew much about Christopher Wallace's life but after viewing this, i felt as if i read his whole life story, which is the way the movie should have been put together. I got a few laughs and teary eyed and that's just how i love my movies. KUDOS to you producers.
Now for My Bloody Valentine...tsk tsk tsk. I could have sworn I paid to see a horror film...
Especially how I had to pay extra for those darn 3D glasses. Beggars cant be choosers huh? I definitely give it a thumbs down!!!! Matter of Fact 2 thumbs down. lol But what i am pleased about is the initial idea to but their viewers "in" the movie. The plot was okay, but I just hated how the cliché events happened in the horror movie. Example: Victims running while the killer walks and still catches up. I mean come on it is 2000 mother crappin 9. Get with the program. I laughed way too much in this movie though, i guess seeing ppl die in horror movies is hysterical in a sense...but anyway that is enough raving for me. Until next time

-Don't be so paranoid



Anonymous said...

Cia.E .... you suck. Reall?? My Bloody Valentine?? A bad movie?? What were you watching?? This have def changed my view of your blog. I CANT BELIEVE THAT YOUD SAY THAT SERIOUSLY. It made more money than Notorious and had more views. Get with it. You suck time two..... but Ill still read the blog cuz i am so loving BKeem. You keep up the good work boy!!!


CiaE said...

opinions are opinions... o and they only made more money why? cuz ignorant ppl like to see things that POP out at them! lol love ya!

Anonymous said...

Ignorant bc the movie was funny and scary and im not just hating on it to be hating..... i think not

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