January 30, 2009

Say What?

The Super Bowl coming up this Sunday, it is not only known for the sports but it's advertisement endeavors. Why you ask??... Well Duh product promoters know that it is the only day that fans of all different sports, nails, clothes, and whatever gather around to watch the big event.(ie. myself, who doesn't even know what goes on while i watch it lol). But anyways, because of so many views, there are commercials on T.V that captures the viewers attention and draw them in to buy their products. Some of you by now may be scratching your head asking "Where is she going with this?", well I'll tell you...
Did you know that 30 seconds of air time cost around 3 million US buckaruees!??? Why 3 mill? Because all of you "fake fans" choose to watch this big event on this one specified day! Don't worry I'm fake too when it comes to this... but yea.... What makes it funny is that some Organizations are so desperate to save money that they have one second ads.. I doubt they would air these ads over National TV but if you look it up on youtube, im sure you'll find it. Hopefully when you view it, you can figure out what they are advertising! lol

-"Until we meet again"

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