July 1, 2009

Hooked on the Hottie

So as you know The Current Number 1 Movie in America is Transformers 2 (which By the way i am going to see today, can't wait!). But in this movie there is the Singer/Actor Tyrese Gibson, and yes i am hooked on this hottie. Why you ask? Well for one he is recognizing the past MJ with his 'MJ Initiative'. In this he would like everyone to wear black over the July 4th weekend in remembrance of the greatest pop sensation alive!
Secondly I love him because i get to download one of his hottest international single for free! No im not going to be selfish, you can too just go to his twitter page and you can enjoy this song aswell!!! It should be one of the first post. My hottie of the week!

'I just want to get away'

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