July 16, 2009

Love. It's A Commitment.

Oh Winter Jacket, how I love thee. But I must let thee go. I saw these Wings + Horns Fall/Winter 09 Jackets on Highsnobiety today and finally felt the sensation of love. I nearly died when I peeped these. My pea coat lasted me for two years and is still going strong but I feel like I need a newer sexier model. The jacket is a mixture of leather and cashmere (so it ain't cheap, no pleather and fuzz 'round here). Well it's still July so that means if I find a job/whore myself out/ beg the parents (yea i live at home, i'm 17. So what?!), I might be able to get them. Time to get on the grind, NYC '09 is coming.

"Girls like you, turn men like me into HATERS"


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VanessaSoleil said...

i absolutely adore this blog.


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