March 3, 2009

Remember The Time.

On November 4th 2008 we as American people felt such pride and such unison.  At exactly eleven o' clock p.m., more than 75% of this country cheered, laughed, and cried over the Barack Obama's victory.  I, for one, felt a great sense of inspiration and empowerment.  After reading his book and following his campaign I began to tell myself "hey you can mess up a few times and still have a shot to become president of the country".  Barack Obama embodied the much welcomed change that America longed for, but somewhere a long the way...we got lost.  It seems as if the hope that once shined brightly in all of our hearts had somehow become dim and un-noticed.  When did our faith become weak again?  When did we continue our regular agenda?  People still steal, scheme, cheat and lie.  Don't get me wrong, Obama is doing the best he can (in my opinion), but it doesn't seem as if we're continuing his message of change and hope for everybody; not just through government help but from the inside.  What happened to change?  What happened to hope?  What happened to us?


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