March 4, 2009

Let's talk Etiquette

Most people have bad habits that they rarely pick up on, and can be considered as bad etiquette. This bad habits may not seem to be troublesome, but to be considered as a lady or a proper gentleman in today's society good etiquette is a plus. I am going to just touch on the most common and overlooked things that people often forget:
  • Splitting the bill: Sure it's nice every now and then to go out with your friends and share a dinner. I mean Keem and our friends do it monthly but the problem jumps in when the bill arives. Nowadays we get split checks in advance, but there are time when we dont. When those times occur it is important for you to know that splitting the bill is the most important thing and paying a little bit more. It doesn't look too proper when you have pennies and dimes on the table to make it the exact amount of your meal!
  • RSVP: There is a reason people put these 4 letters on invites or cards. Its not because it looks good or enhance your vocabulary(no reesavapee is not a word), but it is actually there so you can respond to let them know that you got the invite and if you are going to attend. Many times people have to pre-order items for their guest, so do yourself a favor and reply to the invite so you can get yourself an incentive.
  • Parking Spaces: Road rage is not only considered on the road but in public parking places also, So if you have passed a spot don't go doing your fast and the furious trick reversing in the courteous and let the next person get it.... I mean come on... You will probably find a better space rather than stealing someone else's.
  • Bodily Fluids: Okay okay... I am a criminal of this one and it is definatly not lady like but I am breaking this habit. But spitting... in public... it's not cool guys. Especially when you spit out somthing the size of Texas. Because it is public people have to walk by and see the gift you left mother nature. If you can help it grab a tissue it looks better...
  • Convo: Don't let your conversations become all about you... It is really rude when you have to hear someone talk about themselves and not ask about the other party... Dont be etiquettely retarded!!!
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