March 11, 2009

Fresh Baby

Recently I was reading my March 2009 issue of VIBE magazine (the one with Keyshia Cole and her mother on the cover) and I came across this article entitled "I'm So Glad The Idea Of Fresh Is Back".  Here's an excerpt: 

MAN IT'S TIME. Fresh is not about logos. Fresh is not about fitting in. Fresh is about putting all the ingredients together and coming up with something original. Something that pops. That screams, individual. Fresh isn't limited edition. Fresh isn't even custom. Fresh is improvisational. It's off-the-head-freestyle. Fresh stays out late and still rises with the doves and eagles. Fresh mixes what one has with shreds with shreds of what one would not, really, have purchased. Fresh is the dreams of how we will be and what will rock soon-oh, so soon. And fresh, in its infinite variety, is back.

Fresh has been rebirthed, it does not have a name, color or season. And if fresh has been reborn, then it can only be a "fresh baby". Right? Well now that fresh has returned, I am going to start a small series called "Fresh Baby" which will basically show a couple of items that can rebirth your own fresh style. For today, the fresh item is "Bow Ties". They can work for either men or women, and add a fun spin to whatever you're wearing. Here's a few:

"You want the lights, the action, the hollywood"


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